About Peonia Diamond

The Incomparable Peonia Diamond

The Peonia Diamond was created to exceed the expectations of the most discerning customers. It had to be more beautiful, more brilliant, and more radiant than other diamonds – as well as offer something unique and meaningful. The inspiration came from the incomparable beauty of the peony.

The graceful peony flower has many delicate layers of petals which slowly and elegantly unfurl into a majestic blossom. It was a favourite flower of nobility, and at one time was even protected by imperial law. Love, prosperity and happiness are symbols of this refined flower, which continues to hold a special place in many people’s hearts. In designing the The Peonia Diamond, the intent was to capture the delicate beauty and significance of the flower in an enduring marvel of craftsmanship.

Our master artisans took on this challenge and through years of art, science, skill and expertise, achieved perfection in The Peonia Diamond. Featuring the patented Peonia 88 Cut, 88 intricately handcrafted facets reveal a peony flower pattern in a burst of sublime brilliance. It truly is an extraordinarily beautiful diamond, worthy of its namesake.